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The spirit:struggling,innovation,dedicateion,teamwork

--struggling:we have the courage to struggle against tremends odds,and also we will make unremitting efforts to imporve ourself

--innovation:only innovate incessantly can we keep exuberant vitality and creativity。

--dedicateion:everyone in our company has the spirit of dedication,we will dedicate our time to serveing customers.

--teamwork:good cooperation between employees are import for an enterprise,excellent teamwork can give full play to the latent energy of the team.

The aim:employees’satisfication,customers’satisfication,shareholders’satisfication

--employees’satisfication is the first resouces and strategic capital。

--customers’satisfication is the reason why we can exist permanentlh in the market.

--shareholders’satisfication is the material base of an enterprise

The principle:create C life

--That is clever,comfortable and cool life
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